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Top 5 SEO Strategies That Are Working Now

February 8, 2017

Search engine optimization has been in use for so many years. There have been so many strategies used for the search engine optimization. Some strategies are now outdated while some are still in use. Now days Google has a mission to reduce the visibility of pages which are low valued and less traffic attracters. Before the search engine optimization techniques have worked on such websites and their visibility was good enough. But now the trend is changing and you need to enhance the SEO strategies for your website in order to survive. There are some old strategies that are still in use and are working fine. Some of the strategies are explained in detail.

Enlarge The Net For The Hummingbird Responsive Keywords

The hummingbird has an impact on the google technique of analyzing queries. The google instead of matching the keywords on different pages look for the actual content in the pages. But the importance of keywords can never be neglected. This is the time that you look for the keywords of large bucket. The keywords must be related to a specific niche and in form of combination. For this you have to determine the different types of phrases that people use for the conversational purposes. For instance, instead of search flowers, search for the bouquet or flower delivery, roses on valentine etc. This will show you the new ways of reaching the targeted audience. After this you have to classify the phrases in different categories such as transactional, informational, and navigational.

The URL Structure Of The Website Must Be Improved

The streamlined URLs of the websites have usually higher ranking in the search results. Therefore you have to hone the website’s URL structure. The URLs and links are the important blocks of the website, therefore you have to make it sure these are catchy and friendly for search engine.

Focus On The Links That Are Hard-Earned And Fewer

This is better way of improving the visibility of website in the search results. Therefore it is better to few get links from different niche authorities’ sites than hundreds links of second rated sites. There are different ways of building such links such as editorial links, co-citation links, and broken link building.

Look For Beyond The Personalized Search Results

The search results of Google are often personalized. Therefore you are supposed to look beyond the personalized search results. Therefore you should use different internet connections and computers to find out the results of the search engine. While using different computers you will get different results for the same keywords. By this you can have a better idea of the SEO results.

The Secure Encryption

The secured encryption is good for both you and the consumers. A short span ago Google officially announced the HTTPS for the ranking signals. This was supposed for the purpose that the websites having secure encryption will be boosted in the search results of google. The google rankings of such websites will be better having the secure encryption. This is because the HTTPS is a secure way of exchanging information over the websites.